Taga NuwagabaTaga has worked with many conservation/wildlife groups in Uganda like the Jane Goodall Institute in Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary,..
Taga Nuwagaba


David Kibuuka.David Kibuuka is one of the founders of "Modern Batik Art Painting" in East Africa where he introduced "Fragmentation" technique to traditional Batik Art..
David Kibuuka


African artist Fred MutebiMutebi's mission is to use art as an educational tool to empower people and communities. The goal is to transform lives by strengthening leadership, .....
Fred Mutebi

Dr. Mary Lilian Nabulime Stone sculpture.

August 2011,

Lillian Nabulime kissi stone sculpture.

Kenya Title: Mary Lilian Nabulime-Reflection 1.98X1.2x0.8metres

I have given the sculpture my own name because many times I name sculptures in memory of other people or situations. This time the sculpture represents my memories and me. The sculpture reveals a woman covering her head, draped, in a material. She looks ahead and seems to be reflecting/thought full and that is me. I am contemplating of what lies in the future. I look in the past and reflect on the joy and sadness I have gone through. But dwell more on my achievements as a wife, a mother and a sculptor. I reflect on my blessings that have also touched other people namely students, friends…. and I smile.

The granite makes me feel proud that I have been able to make a sculpture of a monumental woman. I dedicate this sculpture to all the women so that they too feel proud, strong, and courageous to achieve their goals. I am not leaving out the men because we need them in our struggles and they too have their mothers, wives, and sisters and daughters. The sculpture is a reminder for men to care, love and respect women and contribute to women's growth, health and development and not to leave them out on issues that lead to the development and growth of nations. The saying goes, "if you educate a woman you have educated a nation. Women will always see to it that their families are fed, clothed, healthy, safe and educated.

Mary is my baptism name and I am always reminded of my Devine heavenly Mother Mary who always leads and guides me day to day. May the Glory of God be reflected in this sculpture and may it also bring peace, happiness, and reflection to those who feel lost.

Last but not least I am grateful to the organizers of the African Stones Talk (AST) symposiums namely Prof Elkana Ong'esa, Gerard Mutondi, Zebedi and their families, colleagues, Organizations, all people for the opportunity, contributions, and care given to us in Kenya. Thanks go to my assistants 1. Nemwel Obara On'gondo 2. Nyamokeri Kenyanya 3. Denis Mogendi

Asante Sanna, God bless to you All.

A Sculptor and a Painter. Maria Naita.

Maria Naita Studio.

Maria (left) in her studio with her former instructor and friend at the School of Fine Art at Makerere University Dr. Rose Kirumira. Photo courtesy of Ugandan Masters archives.

Maria Naita is among the leading cadre of emerging African female artists. Her art career spans less 2 decades, but you can see a masterly of all media found in the masters of yesterday. She has taken on major monumental projects with in the KANN artist project including the "Chogm monument" in Kampala Uganda, "Ntore dancer" at the Rwandese state house.

Her work is mainly figurative, inspired by her immediate environment, be it, social, economic, religious or even political. The female form takes the centre part, the African woman being her favorite theme. Maria Naita....

Ugandan Master.

This artist needs no introduction for his art career spans decades. His style is unique only to him for Mugalula Mukiibi need no introduction to anyone who has been on the Ugandan art scene. His home gallery includes a vast collection of African paintings, screen and ideas that could easily have taken any other artist lifetimes to do. We welcome him to the Ugandan masters.


Geoffrey Mukasa Poster

Selected collectors and friends:

 You are invited for a private preview of Mukasa’s last works in the gallery
This will take place the day before the opening to the public.
And we hope you are able to attend 


Saturday 22nd October,2011
Starting at 3 pm

RSVP : maria@tulifanyagallery.com

This is the invitation for the general public:

You are cordially invited to the Opening of an exhibition

Showing the last works of one of Uganda’s most famous artists

At AKA Gallery / Tulifanya Gallery

Sunday 23 rd October 2011. From  4pm  

Archive 07 March 2011:

START Journal

by Thomas Bjørnskau

Rose Kirumira

We stroll around her garden, inspecting the pieces before we sit down in her outdoor workshop. Rose speaks openly about her plans for the future artwork. What the final outcome might be. Who might purchase it. How it might be displayed. How it might be used.

"This wood is something I have wanted to make for a long time. But I needed the right kind of material. The right thickness and hardness. Now, I can't stop thinking about the process. How to slice it, put it on the table, start designing it and accomplish the concepts I have envisioned."

Click here to read the rest of this article on the Start Journal website.