Maria Naita.

Maria Naita is an accomplished multi-media African female artist whose art career almost spans two decades. She has a Masters Degree in Fine Art from Mekerere University, but her work goes way beyond her education, with a masterly of her trade and accomplishments way beyond her age and experience. With several major artwork installations already under her belt its hard to tell where she exhales most, sculpture or painting but which ever media she chooses she is very good at.

Her work is mainly figurative, inspired by her immediate environment, be it, social, economic, religious or even political. The female form takes the centre part, the African woman being her favorite theme.

 Basing on her experience; onto canvas, and in wood and metal, she presents life through the “eyes” of an African working woman, mother, wife and as human being in this era, embedded in the a belief that: “there is no better way of showcasing a society’s heritage and culture, or of communicating one’s inner most being than through Art.”

Wood, Metal, Clay, Fiber glass, Acrylic, Oil..... to name a few Maria seems comfortable working in any media.

Naita is a visual artist who has been practicing professional art since 1996 ,she majors in sculpture however, this does not smother her love for painting it’s a hard task to tell which field of the two she is better at.

Maria works as a solo artist but also as part: of the KANN Artist group, which was founded in 1998, in the group she serves as the Director, and Vision bearer.

Some of her major installations within KANN art project include:

  • The CHOGM Monument (2007),
  • Building the Nation 2007 (Rwanda Revenue Authority),
  • Kabamba Hero’s Monument 2005 (Kabamba Army Barracks)
  • The  Ntore Dancer 2001 (Rwanda State House)

An artist's best work is the work that is yet to come.

A sneak peek into one of the rooms in Maria's studio gives you an impression that her best is yet to come. A look at her works in progress give you an insight into a very creative and skilled mind.

Materials used in her sculptures range from a combination of Fibre Glass to Clay to wood to copper. However, her speciality is in fibre glass and wood, with a new found love in metals such as aluminium, brass and copper. While in her paintings she uses acrylics and oil on canvas and bark cloth.

She has exhibited in a number of exhibitions both national and international, as a solo artist as well as group, which have yielded several collectors for her Art works including various institutions, individuals and parastatals.

Maria Naita Work.

"The Letter". A familiar scenario, many a times our loved ones travel in a far off country leaving us waiting; the waiting is never easy but with love its always bearable, the passion for a loved one keeps us going.
Words of assurance from a loved one serve as the strength needed in the long wait, and the encouragement from ones’ support group are a resource that keeps us going.

"Building the Nation."

ta Sculpture "Building the Nation."

The genocide left behind a hurting society, a divided people, but the Rwandese people chose to put the past behind them, and rebuild the walls of oneness, economic vitality and love. They chose to heal from the pains of the discrimination, and made a commitment to arise as one and rebuild their mother land.

"CHOGM Monument."

"The Chogm Monument" Maria Naita.

The stride represents the Common Wealth family with diversity in development and the determination to move forward against poverty, disease and inequality in development among its member states. The family unit symbolizes unity among the common wealth family in the struggle to achieve its set goal; each member has a complimentary role to play.

In as such, each member country at whatever development level they might be has strengths and a uniqueness which is very vital in the continued existence of the entire family unit, and in the achievement of the Common Wealth development goal.